A Snake Attacked Me In The Dream, I Killed It Physically

A Snake Attacked Me In The Dream, I Killed It Physically

This happened in January 2015.

We had a guest minister (Pst. Kunle Olawale) in church who, by the Spirit of God, ministered to people through the word of knowledge/wisdom, he called many cases and a lot of people responded to each of the cases, then he mentioned a particular case, and affirmed that that message was just for only one person, it was filled with God’s promises, but with strict warnings. The message sounded like what God had already told me, but I was reluctant to go out, then another guy stepped out, and I felt relaxed that at least the pastor said it was meant for only one person. But the Holy Spirit wouldn’t let me rest, He kept nudging my spirit, but I kept resisting, then later the pastor mentioned another case that was general, I just decided to step in response to that, but I knew the first message he mentioned was for me.

He began ministering to people with each of the cases he mentioned, then suddenly I found myself completely taken over by the Holy Spirit, I began sobbing like a baby, with mucus coming out of my nose. It was a feeling of awe and deep conviction, all I could hear myself saying was, “Father, I’m sorry, I do really love you.” My pastor or one of the protocol members tried to caution me, but the minister told them to leave me….. I was there till after the service full of tears and mucus dripping from my nose. it was a moment of brokenness, like a son who offended his dad and was feeling deeply sorry….

To cut it short, I got home and slept later in the evening and had a dream. You know how dreams could be at times, not usually straight forward. I sat on top of something I can’t really remember, but my legs were not touching the ground, I was there watching some gods playing rough and I was also talking to someone, then suddenly, I saw this snake appear on my left hand attempting to swallow my index finger, then it disappeared and appeared again on the right hand, trying to swallow my right index finger also. Then I woke up.

After waking up, I knew that was a serious attack, I started praying immediately. I can remember saying to the devil, “A lion is a lion, whether asleep or awake!” then I motioned to take my Bible, I wanted to quote from the book of Jeremiah, but the first place I opened the Bible to was Isaiah 7, then I saw verse 11,

“Ask the LORD your God for a sign of confirmation, Ahaz. Make it as difficult as you want–as high as heaven or as deep as the place of the dead.”

I knew God just spoke to me directly from his word, then I said, ”Ok, since you have asked me to ask for any sign, no matter how difficult….. Father, I want this snake dead! and I want to see it with my physical eyes, today!” Meanwhile, one of the promises that came with the message the pastor gave earlier was, “No matter what you ask, I will do it!”

Friend, that day, around 7pm, it was already dark, I decided to have garri (local corn flakes) for dinner because I wanted to study the Bible later that night and didn’t want to eat heavy meal so I won’t sleep off. As I stepped out on my house to go and buy milk and sugar, suddenly, I saw this small snake on the grass, and I remembered my earlier encounter and my request…. To cut it short, I killed the snake that day. And to my surprise, it was the same snake I saw in my dreams, same size and same color.

One thing is certain, child of God, we have a father in God and He cares so much for us beyond what you and I can imagine. He is ever ready to answer whenever we call on Him, but not outside His Word. What He watches over to perform is His Word that you declare, not your emotions. That’s why He said, if you abide in me, and my word abides in you, you can ask for anything, and it shall be done. Why? Because your request will be Word-guided, and such He can’t turn His eyes away from.

Yehoshua – God saves!

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