THE LOVE OF THE FATHER – An Angelic Service

THE LOVE OF THE FATHER – An Angelic Service


I had to go for a personal retreat earlier this year, 2017, because I was in a state of confusion and needed to sort things out with God. I took time off all other things and headed for RCCG Camp ground close to Lagos, just to be alone with God without distractions. I planned to spend a few days, but God gave me the right counsel and the instructions I needed the same day I got there, so I only had to spent a night…

On my way back, I got to the Bus Pack just outside the gate to board a bus back to my base, Ibadan. I joined a bus that had only one passenger as at the time I got there, I was the second passenger, and was hoping the bus would get filled up on time, because it was on a week day, Tuesday – February 14, to be precise, it was a non activity day at the camp, so there were not many people around …..

Just like I dreaded, I was there for over one hour and we were just about 4 onboard, out of 14 passengers, and even some of the 4 onboard went off the bus to go and join “S’ole” (roving vehicles), but I still stayed there for another 1 hour, and we were less than 6 passengers onboard …..

Eventually, I went off also and joined those waiting by the road side, hoping it would be faster. After waiting for about 30mins, I decided to pray to God and test my faith. I said to God, ‘Father, send help.’ It was that simple and short. Not long after that, a red Toyota Camry, latest model, moved off the road and reversed, but a lot of people rushed towards it, then the driver took off. I didn’t realize what was going on until I saw that the car waited just off where we were, and picked up a guy wearing NYSC khakis, then I heard in my spirit, “He came for you!”

Just as they were moving , I was about to dismiss the voice I heard within me, when I saw a man driving the same kind of car, though a different color, stirring in my direction; I waved him down immediately, not thinking of what I was doing. To my surprise, he stepped off the main road, and signaled that I should come. But before I got there, other people had surrounded the car, but instantly, he told them, “No, no, no, no,no!” then he rolled up the window and started moving forward, slowly. Amazingly, he looked back and pointed at me and signaled to me to come. I moved closer and then he rolled down the window and asked, with so much respect I didn’t expect to get from a suited rich looking man like that, he said, “Where are you headed, sir? “ and in awe, I answered, “Ibadan.” Then he said, “Please, come in.”

We switched back to the express way, and I was wondering, “What on earth is going on here? could this be an angel?” I was there speechless, but with my eyes clearly open , checking every move he made, trying to see something divine or so, but he was normal. I noticed something similar to what I saw on someone that God once sent to me years back, though. But I said nothing, I just kept watching. As we were approaching Ibadan, he asked which direction I was heading to, ‘Challeng’ or ‘Iwo Road?’ I told him ‘Iwo Road,’ and he said he was going towards ‘Challenge,’ and would drop me off at the ‘Toll Gate,’…….

We got to Toll Gate and I opened the door and thanked him for the ride, but I noticed he turned his entire body toward my direction, stirring intently at me, and I was wondering within me, “Why did he do that?” I alighted and shut the door, then he adjusted. But while still in awe and wondering why he turned the way he did, I remembered that I didn’t offer him any money, whether he would take it or not. But I actually didn’t ask because I was careful to ask him how much he would charge so he won’t feel embarrassed, because I didn’t expect a man like that to pick me up by the road side for just N500 (less than $2). Then as he moved, I heard in my spirit, “You just enjoyed an angelic service! He is going nowhere else, he came just for you!” I stood there in awe of this wonder-working Father, with so much praise in my heart.

That is to tell you, child of God, our Father in heaven is much active on earth through His angels. He cares so much for us and pays attention to all our needs and is eager to meet them. Get into a love walk with Him, and make childlike demands on Him and see what follows. He said,

“If you, earthly parents, who are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!” Matt. 7:11.

That is the kind of Father He is. There is so much in knowing His Fatherhood, and walking in that knowledge guarantees sweet experiences here on earth.

He hears and answers whenever we call, just like you will not ignore your baby whenever he calls. You only need activate that Father-child relationship to enjoy it actively.

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