Shine The Light, Salt And ‘God’ The Earth!

Shine The Light, Salt And ‘God’ The Earth!


A message from God – (Saturday Dec. 30, 17  – 7:30 am)


Let the sons shine forth the lights and fill the earth with the flavor of their glories. The earth has become tasteless; it is time to salt the earth by fully manifesting the glory of God within.

That time of gross darkness is here, and the essence of the light in the sons of Light is to make the darkness of little or no effect upon the children of the Light by filling the AIR and the LAND with the manifestation of God’s glory, thereby filling the earth with knowledge of the glory of God.

It is time for the sons to ‘god’ the earth by infusing it with the Kingdom Culture. It is time for the sons to reign as Kings by exercising kingdom authority (Dominion), and rule as Priests upon the earth through selfless service (Love) to all humanity.

The sons are not meant to terminate the darkness, they are to shine in and through it. That is why they must avoid impurities. Impurities darken their light and rob them of shining brightly. But I AM in their midst to uphold and defend, to cleanse and engrace them.

Let them dance to the rhythm of My Spirit within, it is unto the shining of the Light in them, says the Spirit of God.

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  • We are like mirrors reflecting exactly what we behold regularly. The more of God(father of Lights) we have from our knowledge of Him the more His light we reflect out to the world in humility and obedience. God’s word is indeed a lamp to our feet(personal benefiting/development) and a light to our path( shining in darkness bringing light to the world) PS 119:105. We must constantly behold the word to reflect the word. To be in Christ Jesus is to be in light reflecting light- to step out of Christ is to be out of light vulnerable to the enemy. Be the light- shine the light.

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