Faith At Work – Cancer Healed In His Name

Faith At Work – Cancer Healed In His Name

This is a testimony of my covenant friend and brother, who lives in the States. It is such a blessing and faith building. You will praise God after reading it.

In July 2017, my daughter began limping around the house and we didn’t pay it any attention (she generally loves attention). After the 3rd day I got concerned and told my wife to take her to the hospital she worked in to have her checked as I was about to go to Connecticut for a work trip. My wife called me the next day and told me that the Dr. said they found “A foreign growth (a tumor) on her knee… This will be a very aggressive Cancer and we’ve got to act fast! The cure generally would be amputation to discourage the cancer from spreading. “

My wife and I are both in the medical field so of course, we were thinking of the worse case. Our world as we know it was truly about to change. In faith, I told my wife this was not going to be our story, and that we are overcomers, but truly I was scared as shit.

Fast forward to a few days later, after all the tests and 2nd and 3rd opinions and the involvement of specialists, they were not too sure and told us to wait till Dec 29th to re-do the tests before any treatments. I carried this burden almost half the year and I tried to smile through it all but I must say that it was difficult. But through it all, my wife and I decided to hold on to the never-failing promises of the Father and told no one what was going on with us. We were determined not to emphasize the trouble because we were confident of the triumph, and kept looking unto Jesus. It wasn’t easy but we continued in faith.

Dec 29th came and I took her for the so-called appointment. This is where my God had to show off and flex his muscles. After the X-Ray, the doc called me in and said it seemed the body healed itself! The dark spot that was on the knee (tumor) causing the pain is no longer there and we don’t have to follow up with them anymore. I smiled, knowing the body didn’t heal itself, Jesus did the healing, because we called on His name!


Guys this is not some fake story I copied and pasted, this is my story and I lived it. God answers prayers and he is still in the business of healing. He is a true Father who looks after His children for His name’s sake. Your faith in Him and your service to Him are two factors you can remind Him of when your world seems to be falling apart. Stop asking Him for blessings if you are not blessing anyone! He is not a fool or a vending machine where you get to pick and choose. He is a principled Father, and ever faithful

I decided to share, hoping this will encourage you all in whatever it is you are seeking and praying for….Have a Happy and Service filled 2018.

Sanmi L-A. (Dallas Texas)

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