When God Destroys

When God Destroys


I was trying to make a post on my Facebook wall sometime around early 2016, as I finished the first paragraph, God’s Spirit took hold of me and I couldn’t stop typing, it was such a strong influence and the words just kept pouring forth.

Below is the outcome of that encounter.


God never destroys for the sake of destruction, only human beings and the devil destroy for the sake of destruction. When God destroys, He destroys the wrong and the evil for the deliverance of the good. On the way is a great destruction of the wrong and the evil, behold, it is already here!!!

“I Mean Well For My People! I Bring Peace To My Chosen! But On The Wrong, The Wicked And The Evil, I Unleash The Great Destruction!!! Yes, I Will Destroy The Wrong, The Wicked And The Evil With The Sword, Yes, With The Sword Of My Spirit, Which Is My Word.


There Will Be No Resistance, For I Am The Lord, I Kill, And I Also Make Alive. Let Him Rejoice Indeed, He Who Rejoices At My Word, Let Him Rejoice Indeed, He Who Searches My Heart And Knows My Thoughts For The Hour, For I Am About To Destroy The Wisdom Of The Wise And Expose The Wickedness And The Lawlessness Of My Servants Who Enslave The Saints And Mislead The Sons Of My Love Through Wrong Teachings And Practices, Making A Great Deal Of Things I Careless About.


Tell My People, I Do Not Want What They Have, I Want Them. I Want Their Hearts, Not Their Things, I Want Their Affectionate Worship,Not Their Sacrifices. I Want Their Reckless And Foolish Trust In My Fatherhood, But Not A Sacrifice To Get What Is Already Theirs. Don’t Settle For Principles, Because I Am Not A Principle, I Am God, And Behold, I Have Made All Things New Through The Death Of My Son On The Cross…………

I Mean Well For My People, But All Wrongs, Wickedness, And Evil I Will Destroy. Says The Spirit Of Grace, Who Made All Things New In Christ Jesus.”

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