IDENTITY (Who Are You In God?)

IDENTITY (Who Are You In God?)

A lot of people interpret the question “Who are you?” as a question of personal identification, and most people more often than not respond with their names.

‘Who are you?’ is not a question you are asked every day, except you get into a fight every in this part of the world. In my country – Nigeria, you are sure to get asked such a question if you get into a fight with someone who wants to put you in your place and make you see you are not superior, they tend to ask, “Who are you?” or “Who do you think you are?”

But when life asks ‘Who are you?’, it’s not asking for your nomenclature, rather it is questioning, among other things,  your influence, source, and authority in relation to your unique purpose on earth.

The Jewish leaders sent a delegate to John the Baptist to inquire about him. After labeling him all names they could and he rejected all; they got exasperated and asked,

“Then who are you? Tell us…. What do you say about yourself?” John 1:22.

That question for John was more than a name, it was a question of his influence, authority, and assignment. His answer validates this.

“I am a Voice shouting in the wilderness….”
John 1:23

Their response to his answer further proves it was a question of authority, influence, and clarification of his assignment.

If you are not…. What right do you have to baptize? John 1:24

Who you are precedes what you do or what you are known for, not vice versa. Life uses situations and people to question your space in destiny and your right to occupy it. No matter what you want to achieve in life, at every point of breakthrough, life will always ask, “Who are you?”

That question is usually a code of access without which you can go no further. Your response to it determines your access.



Every situation between you and your desired result is only asking you to declare your identity, which is the only authorized pass-code that will make them move out of your way. They are always there to ask, “Who are you to desire what you are asking for?” And that question is valid and legal because anything you desire in life has an access-code attached to it, and verification is required before access is granted.

Picture it like this, each time you attempt to become, do, or have something great, you are placing a demand on Life, and life must test the validity of your demand before it supplies what are demanding for.

That suggests to me that, truly, life does not give you what you deserve, it only gives you what you demand and can provide the right access code for.

Moses sent out some 12 people to go and check out the land God affirmed He had given them, and they saw it as God said it was. Sadly, they couldn’t see themselves as God said they were, except two of them. Seeing the promised land as God promised was not an issue, but seeing themselves as ABLE, just like God saw them was their problem.

Friend, “We are Able” was the code of access to the promised land. The land was truly flowing with milk and honey, but it also asked them a question, “Who are you to occupy me, and are you able to possess me? Unfortunately, their response shut them out of what was already given to them by God.

Life asked them, “Who are you, and are you able to displace these giants and occupy this land?” But they presented a wrong code of access, “We can’t go up against them… next to them we are like grasshoppers.” INVALID!



God must have given Life an order to only deliver the land to those with ‘Super-giant mentality,’ regardless of their stature. For “As a man thinks, so he is!” The two who had the right code declared, ” We are able!” and God ensured they possessed the land.

Goliath kept on threatening the army of the children of Israel, and the question I think he was constantly asking them was, “Who are you to confront me?” But none of them had a valid answer because you can’t give what you don’t have. Then David showed up on the scene and provided the right access code.

David answered strategically, he knew Goliath’s question was of their origin and capacity,

I defy the armies of Israel this day; give me a man….

1 Sam. 17:10

David’s first strategic response was a rhetorical question,

“Who is this…. that he should defy the armies OF THE LIVING GOD?” 1 Sam 17:26

David didn’t only answer the question of their capacity, he also answered that of their source. I imagined David answered and said,

“I am the Captain of the armies of the living God, a giant-killer!”

Here’s my point, every situation on your way to greatness will be used to ask you questions, and your response ultimately determines your outcome. Even God our Father was questioned by Pharaoh,

“Who is the Lord that I should listen to Him and let Israel go?” Ex. 5:2

Moses couldn’t answer for God because it was a personal question. Interestingly, God didn’t answer Pharaoh by words, He decided to answer Him through His acts. But God took time to educate and strengthen Moses’s conviction about Him. He had already told Moses the identity he should declare to the Israelites, as the “I Am that I Am.” But here, He needed Moses to see this “I Am that I Am” in practical terms, then He affirmed to Moses, I am Yahweh – the LORD!

That simply means, in this situation, I Am the LORD! He went further to explain this to Moses by telling Moses that Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob only knew Him by His name, El-Shaddai – God Almighty, which was good for their situations, but He didn’t reveal His unique and covenanted name – Yahweh, to them. But Moses and the Israelites needed to identify Him as the Yahweh –  the LORD.

God told Moses who He was and declared His name to the Israelites by words, but He confirmed it to Pharaoh through His acts.

Friend, your inheritance in life cannot be delivered to you until you declare who you are in God, and confirm the same through a corresponding action.

For every situation, there are different interpretations of the question of identity. For health issues, that’s a question of your right to healing or perfect health. For financial issues, that’s a question of your right to enjoy the good and best things of life. For barrenness, that’s a question of your fruitfulness heritage in Christ Jesus.

Child of God, who you are at every point in life is in the “I Am that I Am.” That situation only wants to verify your identity in God, and the process of verification may not be the same for everybody.

I like the featured image of this post, it shows a cat looking into the mirror and seeing itself as a lion. Isn’t that what Paul meant when he said,

“But we all, with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord. 2 Cor. 3:18

What you look at continually, you will look like eventually.

Just like the Jewish leaders, Life will call you names, it is part of the verification process, but you must respond with the valid code, if not, no access to your greatness.

You can get many access codes through the Scriptures. Strengthen yourself with the full knowledge of your rights in Christ Jesus. Who you say you are is what God’s integrity is committed to bringing to pass.

So, Who are you?


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