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IDENTITY (Who Are You In God?)

A lot of people interpret the question “Who are you?” as a question of personal identification, and most people more often than not respond with their names. ‘Who are you?’ is not a question you […]

When God Destroys

  I was trying to make a post on my Facebook wall sometime around early 2016, as I finished the first paragraph, God’s Spirit took hold of me and I couldn’t stop typing, it was […]


KNOWING GOD, THE PATHWAY TO GLORY-DISCOVERY Now, let me take it to another level. Why is it so important to know God? Knowing God is the pathway to the discovery of His glory. The entire […]


  Foremost in the constitution of the Kingdom of God is the accurate knowledge of God, every other thing hangs on it. But the true and accurate KNOWLEDGE of God was lost ever since ‘Man’ […]


  For me, being alive means intentional living. ‘Living’ is synonymous with ‘Aliveness’ – being alive, but in this context, living signifies a state where you only breathe in and out oxygen, but aliveness means, […]


  Worse than death is life not RIGHTLY and fully used. It is one thing to live, it is another thing to be alive. Living is a natural state of existence that is usually passive, […]

Faith At Work – Cancer Healed In His Name

    In July 2017, my daughter began limping around the house and we didn’t pay it any attention (she generally loves attention). After the 3rd day I got concerned and told my wife to […]

Don’t Prove A Point, Prove Yourself!

    It is an utter waste of time and energy to feel bad when people don’t seem to believe in you. If they didn’t believe their Maker until He showed them signs and wonders, […]

Shine The Light, Salt And ‘God’ The Earth!

  A message from God – (Saturday Dec. 30, 17  – 7:30 am)   Let the sons shine forth the lights and fill the earth with the flavor of their glories. The earth has become […]

Psalm 86:11 – A Prayer Of David

Teach me your way, LORD, that I may rely on your faithfulness; give me an undivided heart, that I may fear your name. Psalm 86:11 I sat down outside of an MTN office waiting for […]